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Simple Steps for Measuring and Ensuring ERP Success 

People often talk about the high failure rate for software implementation projects. Stories abound about failures in CRM, MES, SCM and QMS, but the stories are especially disturbing when they involve ERP. Panorama Consulting research shows that in 2015, about 46% of companies polled said they received 50% or less of the expected benefits from their ERP system.   

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Ten Questions to Ask After a Network Outage 

A network outage can be disruptive and expensive, so you want to eliminate the causes. This checklist of the top 10 questions to ask after a network outage can help you identify the reasons for an outage and expose any gaps in your monitoring. Ideally, you'll learn from an outage to prevent others in the future. In addition to outages, your business may also experience network slowdowns or frequent bottlenecks that can be very disruptive. Here are the 10 questions to ask after a network outage or severe performance loss. 

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Ten Quick Questions to Assess the Effectiveness of Your Manufacturing Plant 

The Entire Manufacturing Facility Neat, Orderly, Well-Lit and Quiet Enough So Workers Can Communicate? Evaluating orderliness is one of the easiest ways to assess the effectivity of a plant. Manufacturing can be chaotic even at its best, but there's no need to add to the chaos by allowing a mess. Messes cause waste and  wasted time looking for parts and tools, wasted motion moving things around. It's no coincidence that the "Five S" mantra of lean relates primarily to keeping order. 

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