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About Me

My background

 I specialize in business, manufacturing, technology, medicine and finance.   I've held a variety of marketing positions at some of the greatest companies in the world. I was:  


  • Senior Director Solutions Marketing at QAD
  • WW Manufacturing & Supply Chain Strategy Director at Microsoft
  • VP of Industry Strategy and Marketing for Manufacturing, Distribution & Retail at Oracle
  • VP Enterprise Applications at Hurwitz Group (industry analysts)
  • VP of Business Development at PivotPoint/MAPICS
  • Sales and presales at NCA, ASK, SSA and Pivotpoint

I also held management roles at several of the world's best manufacturing companies:  

  • Bell & Howell
  • Litton Industries
  • Becton Dickenson
  • Picker International
  • Kodak

The Bourne bridge across the Cape Cod canal

My writing roots

 I've been writing and telling stories since I was a little kid. My first writing success was a highly acclaimed story about an ant at a picnic.  It had the entire third grade class in stitches.  I went on to write a complete mystery novel in the fifth grade, but even I knew it wasn't as good as the picnic story. I resolved to do better. Since then, I've honed my craft and written everything from magazine articles to advertising copy and  novel, Berry, Berry Dead.

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My style

I strive to make my writing simple yet engaging. I excel at making complex topics understandable. Some recent topics have included the impact of Blockchain on hedge fund management, why manufacturing companies need more than ERP and why quality needs to be the primary focus of every business.

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